“Here’s my thing: If you were hired to kill Whitney Houston’s character in The Bodyguard, why would you decide to do it at the Oscars, where you have almost no chance of getting away with it? I could see if you just hated Whitney Houston’s character and you didn’t care if you got caught, but this guy was a hired assassin. He didn’t want to go to jail for this. I know he had a gun built into a large camcorder—which, by the way, is a whole other pile of bullshit—but still, does he honestly think he’ll be able to kill Whitney Houston’s character, and then just waltz out of the auditorium and past security? And even if he is able to get out of the auditorium, then what? Everyone is going to be able to figure out it was him, because of all the cameras—the real cameras—documenting the attack. Which means within about two minutes after the shooting, half of California is going to be looking for him. Do you think maybe he had a car waiting for him outside, ready to take him to the Burbank airport, and on to Mexico? He must have. That’s the only possible way he could have had even the slightest hope of getting away with this. But we’re given nothing to believe that this is the case. As far as we know, he just parked his car in the lot like everybody else, and strolled in with his special camera gun. And by the way, how do you get a special camera gun into the Academy Awards? And how do you make that thing in the first place? So he just built a gun into his camera? How do you do that? And again, is it really worth it? This guy wasn’t even a full-time assassin, he was a bodyguard by trade. If he needed money, couldn’t he have just taken on more bodyguard work? It just doesn’t add up. With all those cameras around…and knowing that Frank Farmer would be there… Come on. Why wouldn’t you just wait for her to go to Starbucks for coffee someday? That’s what I would have done.”


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  1. p.s. watched the “buddy love” vids – charismatic fellow, and lovely to look at. great facial features – finely cut bone structure and expressive eyes.

      • you’re welcome. i used to be involved in the modeling world and, yeah, those people tend to be total wackjobs, but your face and the way the camera reads it – works very nicely. you definitely have an “on camera” face, and overall presence. you also appear to be quite tall and kinda lanky – perfect for shooting. i mean. not, like, with a gun. sartorial shooting. if i were in charge of doing some sort of men’s editorial for some glossy mag, id have you in wardrobe immediately.

  2. thanks again. i’ve got a question for you. why don’t you email me at the email address on the About page. thanks.

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